Aaron Goldenberg, PhD, MPH

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Aaron Goldenberg, PhD, MPH, is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioethics at Case Western Reserve University, as well as the Assistant Director of the Center for Genetic Research Ethics and Law. In addition, he is also the Assistant Director of the Department’s Master’s Degree Program. Dr. Goldenberg’s interest focuses on the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding advances in public health genomic biobanking, genetics, health disparities, and newborn screening programs.

Dr. Goldenberg has gained an extensive background in genetic research, since completing his BS in Science and Technology Studies from Michigan State University, his MA in Bioethics from Case Western Reserve and an MPH in Health Education and Public Health Genetics from the University of Michigan.  He later received his PhD in Bioethics from Case Western Reserve University.

Before beginning his PhD studies, Dr. Goldenberg was the Center Manager for the University of Michigan’s Center for Genomics and Public Health and was a summer fellow at the National Institutes of Health, working with the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing. His PhD dissertation focused on the ethical issues surrounding the use of Michigan’s residual newborn screening bloodspots for research purposes, as well as a review of state newborn screening policies and educational materials. He has published articles surrounding newborn screening blood samples for many journals, including Pediatrics and the American Journal of Public Health.

In the recent past, he has worked on a number of projects ranging from integration of genomic technology into newborn screening to “Community Voices” a project focused around communities and their understanding about genetic screening. The NBSTRN is delighted to honor a prominent researcher such as Dr. Goldenberg, and we are excited to see his further contributions to the newborn screening world!   





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Aaron Goldenberg, PhD, MPH