Session 2: Ownership and Control of Specimens

The second webinar of the series discusses state public policies pertaining to the ownership and control of DBS specimens. These discussions included whether or not secondary use of the DBS specimens is permitted, if the state utilizes an opt-in or opt-out mechanism, and whether the residual specimens are property of the state or of individuals. The webinar also discussed a case of litigation in Minnesota, which resulted in a decision that an individual’s blood sample is genetic information and that it may only be obtained, stored, and used with informed consent. The webinar concludes with a discussion reinforcing the importance of research utilizing residual specimens, specifically in second tier testing, for metabolic autopsy, and for new test development.

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Alissa Johnson, MS; Dave Orren, JD; Piero Rinaldo, MD, PhD
Webinar slides (PDF):