Dr. Rani Singh, PhD

Dr. Rani Singh, PhD, is currently the Director of the Genetics Metabolic Nutrition program at the Emory University School of Medicine, Department of Human Genetics. She is also a Professor of Human Genetics and Pediatrics. As director of the program she helps oversee the inpatient/outpatient management of IEM patients, diet and formula instruction, computer diet analysis, and the medical foods distribution center.

Dr. Singh earned her PhD in Nutrition at the University of Georgia and then completed her Postdoctoral research fellowship in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Medical Genetics at Emory. With over 20 years of research and clinical experience in the field of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM), she is one of the most trusted dietitians to PKU patients at Emory. Her research interests include maximizing the benefits of the early identification through newborn screening (NBS) and pre-symptomatic treatment with diets to improve health outcomes in children with IEM. She also leads the Singh Research Group, a clinical research effort that helps advance treatment strategies for IEM.

Dr. Singh participates in several organizations and projects that help with the development of translational clinical research. She is the founder and prior President of Genetic Metabolic Dieticians International (GMDI) and is the PI of the HRSA/MCHB (Health Resources and Services Administration/Maternal and Child Health Bureau) funded Southeast Regional NBS and Genetics Collaborative (SERC).” She is also the Chair of the PKU Scientific Review Committee (State of the Science and Future Research Needs) of the National Institute of Health.

Her previous positions include serving on the Board of the Society for Inherited Metabolic Disorders, Past President of the Southeastern Regional Genetics Group (SERGG) and leading Co-Principle Investigator for the Nutritional Management Guidelines Project. In addition, Dr. Singh has contributed to over 140 publications surrounding nutrition management and PKU.

Her outstanding dedication and hard work has led Dr. Singh to be recognized as the 2016 PKU Hero Award winner. Congratulations Dr. Singh on your most recent accomplishments and thank you for your efforts on improving newborn screening and more specifically the PKU community!  




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Dr. Rani Singh, PhD